LED Explosion proof EXIT light Model: BC4200

ZONE 1/ 2; ZONE 21/ 22
Temperature class: T1 to T6
IP Code: IP66
Certification:  II 2G Ex db e IIC T6 Gb
  II 2D Ex tb IIIC T80 ℃ Db IP66
Ambient temp: -20℃ to +40℃
ATEX Cert No.: ECM 18 ATEX-B 2655

Product Detail


1. Mainly used as hazardous area safety exit indication, evacuation direction indication.
2. Harsh environment, moist area.


1. The luminaires use flameproof requirement to ensure that the products work safely in various flammable and explosive places. With automatic
emergency function, emergency work time is up to 2 hours.
2. The optimized structure is designed with a lightweight aluminum alloy casing that is dust-proof, waterproof and impact-resistant, ensuring
maintenance-free lighting and avoiding unsafe factors during maintenance.
3. LED light source, high brightness, long life, high efficiency and energy saving, long life of 50,000 hours. Advanced and reasonable circuit
design, high electrical efficiency and high reliability.
4. The cable is connected to the terminal through the connecting device wiring cavity, and the grounding screw is provided inside and outside the
casing, and the user should be grounded reliably when using the product.
5. It is treated with high-tech surface electrostatic spray technology. It is waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosive. It is reliable and durable and
can be used reliably in harsh environments.

Main Specification

Input Voltage 90-264VAC
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Rated Wattage Normal≤3W; Emergency≤1W
Emergency Duration >120min
Screw Thread of Cable entry G3/4″
Leading-in cable diameter φ9mm~φ11mm
Dimension 374×165×65.5mm
Net Weight 3.3kgs

Drawing of dimension (Dimensions in mm)