LED Explosion-proof Mining Tunnel light Model: DGS20/127L(C), DGS30/127L(C), DGS45/127L(C)

Wattage: 20W to 45W
Suitable for Mine
Ex Code: Ex d I Mb
Ambient temp.: -20℃ to +40℃


Product Detail


1. Idea to be used in underground tunnel, chamber, substations, pump room, parking lot in the mining filed.

2. Approved for safe use in mining field with methane, grime and other hazardous explosive mixtures.


1. It is made using a special aluminum housing, all exposed fasteners adopt 304 stainless steel. Using high-tech anti-corrosion surface treatment technology, suitable for long-term highly corrosive environment under coal mine.

2. A full range of high conductivity material accelerate convection cooling structure, effective guarantee long-term use in high temperature environments.

3. Optoelectronic integrated technology no dark spot, no ghosting, the average light efficiency of whole lamp can reach to 100 lm/W, energy-saving is 60% more than Metal Halide Lamp.

4. Universal AC-DC, power factor above 0.98.

5. Quick replay light source without welding.

6. Independent wiring chamber, safe and easy installation and maintenance.

7. Designed for Roadway Layout with ring mounted which can be connected in parallel.

Main Specification

Item Technical Parameters
Input voltage range 90~264 VAC
Input frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz
Light source LED
Service life 50000h
CRI Ra 70(80 Optional)
CCT 5000K (3000K/4000K Optional)
Cable entry G3/4″
Leading-in cable diameter φ9mm~φ14mm
Dimension φ230* 218mm(Ring Mounting)
218* 230* 268mm(Bracket)
Net weight 2.7Kg(Ring Mounting)

Ordering reference



Wattage Light output Mounting Type Space





Equivalent to
High Pressure Mercury Lamp
DGS20/127L(C)-P 20W 1800lm Ring Mounting 1.75 2~6m 50W
DGS30/127L(C)-P 30W 2600lm 70W
DGS45/127L(C)-P 45W 3400lm 100W
DGS20/127L(C)-S 20W 1800lm Bracket 50W
DGS30/127L(C)-S 30W 2600lm 70W
DGS45/127L(C)-S 45W 3400lm 100W

Drawing of dimension (Dimensions in mm)


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