Solar LED flashing light Model: ZW4308

IP Code: IP66

Product Detail

This product is widely used in high-voltage cable lines, ground dangerous places as warning signals, also used in construction, operation monitoring,
emergency and other places for signal prompts and azimuth display.

1. The product adopts international brand high-brightness LED, and the brightness is more than 2 times higher than similar products.
2. The product has a unique light distribution, a wide range of illumination angles, and uniform illumination within the illumination range.
3. The overall weight of the product is light, reducing the load on the high voltage cable.
4. The product can be discharged for 50 hours in a dark environment when the battery is fully charged.
5. With multiple monocrystalline solar panels, the charging time efficiency is 1.5 times higher than that of ordinary solar panels.
6. Customized professional tools for easy and convenient installation and removal of strobe lights.
7. Optional, with different mounting accessories, to achieve a variety of installation methods to meet customer and corresponding site installation
8. Product intelligent setting, quickly covers the solar panel 3 times in 3 seconds, enter the sleep state, easy to pack, transport and store.

Main specification

Item Unit Technical Parameters
Lamp wattage W 1
Solar maximum power W 1.5
IP grade / IP66
Rated capacitance of battery mAh 800
Rated voltage of battery V 3.7
Lighting time h 50
Lighting mode Hz 1Hz
Working temperature -40~+80
Visible distance M 1000
Scope of application /
Could work normally under the electromagnetic environment
of 0.4kV-220kV transmission circuit or distribution circuit.
Applicable high voltage

cable outer diameter

mm φ8-φ31
Dimensions mm Φ101×212
Net weight g 263±5


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