CE Rohs Surface mounted LED wall light Model: ZY8605S Series

Wattage:100W to 240W
IP Code: IP66
Ambient temp.: -55℃ to +50℃


Product Detail


1. Suitable for low installation height region in high temperature, high humidity and vibration environment, like offshore platforms, ship transport corridors, passages, etc.


1. It is made using a special aluminum housing, anti-corrosion performance better than 304 stainless steel, suitable for long-term highly corrosive environment of offshore platforms, chlor-alkali, vulcanization cyanide.

2. A full range of high conductivity material accelerate convection cooling structure, effective guarantee long-term use in high temperature environments.

3. Variety of light distribution, variety of installation types, an effective solution to beautify workshop and device platform.

4. The shell is made of high-tech surface coating technology, corrosion resistant, waterproof and dust proof, suitable for harsh environments.

5. Imported light source, high luminous efficiency 120lm/w, low-light failure Taiwan Meanwell power supply or same quality power supply, power factor above 0.98, high reliability and long time service life.

6. Independent wiring chamber, safe and easy installation and maintenance.

7. It is available to intelligent control functions(1-10VDC, PWM,Carrier DALI etc dimming).

8. All exposed fasteners adopt 304 stainless steel(ocean platform 316 stainless steel optional). Effectively ensure light strength and corrosion resistance.

Technical Specification

Item Technical specification
Input voltage range 90~305VAC
Input frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz
Light source LED
Service life 50,000h
CRI Ra 70(80 Optional)
CCT 3000K/4000K/5000K
Leading-in cable diameter φ6mm~φ12 mm
Terminal Multi-core wire:≤ 2.5mm2
Single-core wire:≤ 4mm2
Dimension 295* 330* 350mm
Net weight 7.5 Kg

Ordering reference



Wattage Light output Space





Equivalent to
Metal Halide Lamp
ZY8605S-L100 100W >11000lm 1.25/1.75 8~12m


ZY8605S-L120 120W >12600lm >250W
ZY8605S-L150 150W >16000lm 10~15m 400W
ZY8603S-L200 200W >22400lm >400W
ZY8603S-L240 240W >27300lm 15~20m 600~800W


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