Large self-loading lighting lifting light tower Model: ZW3560


Wattage: 4X500W LED or 2X350W LED + 2X1000W MH lamp
IP Code: IP65
Max lifting height: 7.1meter
Continuous working time with full fuel: 31hrs

Product Detail


This product is suitable for large-area, high-brightness lighting needs of various large-scale construction operations, maintenance and repair, accident handling, and disaster relief.


1. Designed for automatic loading and unloading of pickup trucks, without the use of any auxiliary loading and unloading tools, maneuverable and flexible, and quickly respond to demand. Solve the problems of difficult loading and unloading, difficult transfer, and difficult roads of traditional mobile lighting towers;
2. 2000W LED lamps with internationally renowned brand light sources are equivalent to 4000W high-efficiency metal halide lamps with a lighting range of up to 200 meters * 100 meters wide;
3. Use 5-level heavy-duty cylinder, maximum load of 100 kg, resistance to 8-level strong wind, safe and reliable. Cylinder lifting very fast, the maximum lifting height of 7 m;
4. 5000W Honda power generator is stable and reliable not only to meet the needs of lighting, but also to meet the needs of field work tools. Specially made 50L large-capacity fuel tank with strong endurance and continuous lighting for 31 hours.

Main Specification

Item ZW3560 Value
Lamp panel LED lamps Input voltage 90~260VAC
Rated wattage 4×500W
Beam angle 60°
Light efficiency ≥110LM/W
Power factor >92%
CCT 6000K
Ingress Protection IP65
LED+metal halide lamp (optional) Wattage 2×350W LED lamp+2×1000W metal halide lamp
Generator set Rated output power 5000W
Rated output voltage AC220V 50Hz 5KW
Rated fuel capacity 50L
Continuous working time with full fuel 31h
The maximum height of the car body from the ground after the outriggers are raised 1m
Internal measurement distance after outrigger 2.1m
Car body chassis size 1300×830mm
Lamp Maximum lifting height 7.1m
Illumination value at 20 meters at night 480Lx
Illumination value at 50 meters at night 115Lx
Light Tower weight when fuel empty 600Kg
Dimensions of the light tower when stowed Length×Width×Height 1560×1350×2050mm


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