Portable Mobile Light Tower Model: ZW3520C

Wattage: 2X60W, 2X100

IP Code: IP65

Product Detail


This product is suitable for use as large area illumination solution at the working sites of constructions, maintenance, repair, accident spot, and disaster relief etc.


1. 2*100W LED lamp luminous efficiency up to 120 lm / W, can replace 2*250W metal halide lamp, reduce energy consumption by 60%.
2. Imported LED light source, seismic performance under vibration environment, life is 10 times more than traditional metal halide lamp 3 section adjustable telescopic gas bar, can be any lift in the 1.45m-2.8m range.
3. Lamps can be quickly assembled and disassembled by hand, full-cycle thermal design, long-term operating environment for high temperature and high humidity; up and down Ventilation fin structure avoid dust.
4. Lighting angle locking device is provided to ensure vibration environments irradiation direction is not displaced.

Main specification

Item Technical Parameters
Type ZW3520C
Lamp Rated voltage 220VAC
Lamp average life 100,000h
Generator fulfill continuous working time >6h
Lifter Minimum height 1.45m
The maximum rise height 2.8m
Generators Rated capacity 12V/ 8.3A
Rated output power/

fuel rated capacity

900W/ 3.8L
Size length × width × height 720X475X1600mm
Weight 47.5kg

Ordering reference

Model number Rated wattage (W) Light output
Equivalent to
Metal Halide
ZW3520C-L60×2-18° 60×2 5600×2 150W×2
ZW3520C-L100×2-18° 100×2 7800×2 250W×2
ZW3520C-L60×2-60°×80° 60×2 6500×2 150W×2
ZW3520C-L100×2-60°×80° 100×2 9000×2 250W×2


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