LED street light Model: ZY8702 Series

Wattage: 60W to 240W
IP Code: IP65
Ambient temp.: -40℃ to +50℃


Product Detail


This product is widely used in the plant roads, highways at all levels, urban roads as street lighting.


1. Apply the design of lens with different angles, make irradiation surface wider, fully effective use of light. Illumination uniformity, no glare, does not cause eyestrain of workers, improve work efficiency.
2. Modular design could solve the difficult maintenance problem of conventional LED lighting. You can achieve module replacement without opening light fixtures.
3. Professional street lighting design, can save 60% or more on energy than the metal halide lamp.
4. Equipped with electrical appliance of Meanwell or other world top ranking brand, AC and DC wide voltage constant power supply, power factor up to 0.98.
5. Lamps internal components with anti-10KV lightning, effectively avoid risk of failure caused by high altitude lightning.
6. Housing made of aluminum alloy processing, standard 304 stainless steel materials, using high-tech anti-corrosion surface treatment technology, suitable for a variety of harsh industrial operating environment.
7. According to user needs, can choose light fixtures with a variety of intelligent control.


Main specification

Item Technical Parameters
Input voltage (V) 90~305VAC
Rated frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Light source LED
Life time (h) 100,000
CRI Ra 75
CCT 5000K ±250K
Space height ratio 3.5

Ordering reference

Model number
wattage (W)
Light output
Size (mm)
height (m)
Net weight(Kg)
Equivalent to
Metal Halide Lamp
ZY8702-L60 60W 6600 520(L)×315×100 6~8 6.5 150W
ZY8702-L80 80W 8800 520(L)×315×100 6.5 175W~250W
ZY8702-L100 100W 11000 520(L)×315×100 8~12 6.5 250W
ZY8702-L120 120W 13200 520(L)×315×100 6.5 250W~400W
ZY8702-L150 150W 16500 615(L)×315×100 12~15 7.5 400W
ZY8702-L180 180W 18900 615(L)×315×100 7.5 600W
ZY8702-L240 240W 25200 710(L)×315×100 8.5 600W~800W


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