LED street light Model: ZY8702A


Wattage: 30W to 150W
IP Code: IP66
Ambient temp.: -40℃ to +40℃


Product Detail


Suitable for streets, roads, highways, squares, parks, parking lots, etc.


■ The light source power source is separated for heat dissipation, with good heat dissipation effect, long life of the lamp, suitable for high temperature and high humidity outdoor environment;
■ The lamps have high anti-corrosion and anti-vibration capabilities, and are suitable for coastal and various harsh industrial plant roads;
■ Lightweight, small windward area, suitable for outdoor strong wind area;
■ American Lumileds light source, the overall light efficiency is as high as 115lm/W on average, which is more than 60% energy-saving compared with the metal halide lamp;
■ Use high-end brands (MEAN WELL, Inventronics) aluminum shell plastic-sealed outdoor power supply, wide input range, constant current and constant voltage output, high power factor, high efficiency, dual-stage PFC, anti-lightning surge, to ensure long-term stability of the lamp Efficient output;
■ The protection level of the whole lamp reaches IP66, which can be suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor sand, dust, rain, fog, and ocean waves.

Main Specification

Item Technical Parameters
Input voltage (V) 90~264VAC
Rated frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Light source LED
Life time (h) 100,000
CRI Ra 70
CCT 5000K(3000K/ 4000K optional)
Space height ratio 3.5


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