Multiple Function Camp Light Model: M1/ M1 Plus

All-in-one flashlight / Blue Red Warning Mode / 100000h Lifespan / Outdoor or Home Use

Floodlight beads: 260lm(M1)/ 460lm(M1 Plus)
Irradiation distance: 160m
Floodlight working hours: max 160h(M1)/ 80h(M1 Plus)
Waterproof rating: IPX6
Weight: 195g(M1)/ 270g(M1 Plus)
Lenght: 195mm(M1)/ 260mm(M1 plus)


Product Detail

1. Applicable Occasions

 All kinds of outdoor sports lighting (such as trecking, camping, expedition, group activities, etc.).

 Safety and security, search and rescue, accident scenes and other work emergency lighting.

 Vehicle standby, emergency maintenance lighting or fault caution.

 Family emergency standby lighting.

2. Product Features

 This product integrates Flashlight, Floodlight, Signal light, Emergency output and other functions in one for the sake of multiple occasions.

 Spotlight mode has two adjustable brightness, and features strobe and SOS signal functions.

 Floodlighting illumination is soft and even in rays, and can be steplessly dimmed as needed to meet different lighting time requirements.

 Signal light includes five modes, such as red and blue light flashing alternately, red light ever bright, red light flashing, blue light ever bright and blue light flashing, applying to staff assembly, direction guidance, barricade setting, fault and safety precaution and etc..

 Double switch design controls the spotlight and floodlight modes respectively to realize one button start.

 The triple protection design aiming at battery safety professionally, including over-charge, over-discharge, over-current and short-circuiting protections, so as to preclude all of battery safety using risks.

 With the IP66 waterproof grade, it can be used normally under rainy, damp and other circumstances.

 Meet the 1.5m drop of bare light (six times), high strength, anti-vibration, the whole lamp can resist heavy pressure over 100Kg.

 With the “Shake” power query function, you can query the real-time power by shaking the lantern.

 The prismoidal shape meets the requirements of ergonomic design, fully considering the comfort of the user’s hand, and can be placed on a flat surface without rolling off.

 The lamp can be absorbed on the iron surface magnetically, and is designed with hidden hooks and slings. It can be used in a variety of ways such as magnetic, suspension, vertical, square and so on.

3. Main Specification

Model M1 M1 Plus
Flashlight Brightness 200lm 200lm
Illuminating Distance 160m 160m
Runtime 10H(High light)
20H(low light)
15H(High light)
30H(low light)
Floodlight Brightness 260lm 460lm
Runtime 6~80H 12~160H
LED Light Beads Quantity Flashlight 1(pc) 1(pc)
Floodlight 28(pcs) 46(pcs)
Signal light Red: 5(pcs)
Blue: 5(pcs)
Red: 9(pcs)
Blue: 9(pcs)
Battery Capacity 3.6V 2500mAh 3.6V 5000mAh
Charging Time 4H 7H
Input (Micro USB) 5V—1A(Max) 5V—1A(Max)
Protection level IP66 IP66
Weight 195g 270g
Size 195mm*41.2mm*43.5mm 260mm*41.2mm*43.5mm



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