Glare Free LED Floodlight Model: ZY8101 Series

Wattage: 25W to 80W
IP Code: IP66
Ambient temp.: -40℃ to +50℃


Product Detail


It is an ideal lighting solution for power plants, substations, factories, docks, metallurgical plants and other indoor and outdoor lighting.


1. Apply the design of lens with different angles, make irradiation surface wider, fully effective use of light. Illumination uniformity, no glare, does not cause eyestrain of workers, improve work efficiency.
2. Radiator adopt fin structure design, light source adopt decentralized layout and separate structure of power, long-term suitable for operating environment with high temperature and high humidity.
3. It adopts American CREE LED as light source, no dark zone in light spot, can save 60% or more on energy than the metal halide lamp.
4. Equipped with electrical appliance of Meanwell or similar quality power driver AC- DC wide voltage constant power supply, power factor up to 0.98.
5. The locking device on the bracket will keep the lamp from shift or trembling during harsh vibration.
6. Housing made of aluminum alloy, all exposed fasteners adopt 304 stainless steel., using high-tech anti-corrosion surface treatment technology, suitable for a variety of harsh industrial operating environment.
7. According to user needs, achieve a variety of intelligent control.

Main parameter

Item Technical Parameters
Input voltage (V) 90~264VAC(30~80W)
18~43VAC/ 18~55VDC(25~60W)
Rated frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Light source LED
Life time (h) 100,000
CRI Ra 75
CCT 5000K ±250K
Leading-in cable diameter φ6mm~φ8mm
Dimension (mm) 300×300×75
Net weight (kg) 4.7

Ordering reference



Input Voltage


Rated wattage (W) Light output (lm) Space height


height (m)
Equivalent to
Metal Halide Lamp
ZY8101-L25 90~264VAC 25W 2800 1.4 2~6m 70W
ZY8101-L40 40W 2800 100W
ZY8101-L60 60W 2800 3~8m 150W
ZY8101-L80 80W 2800 175W
25W 2800 1.4 2~6m 70W
ZY8101-L40D 40W 2800 100W
ZY8101-L60D 60W 2800 3~8m 150W


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2 ZY8101-25W.IES Click to View Download
3 ZY8101-40W.IES Click to View Download
4 ZY8101-60W.IES Click to View Download
5 ZY8101-80W.IES Click to View Download